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Breathe, focus, balance and create. Skatewell Skateboard Coaching offers a new perspective into the sport of skateboarding. Celebrating as Brisbane’s only dedicated adult skateboard lesson provider, learn about the Mind-Body-Board™ connection in this in-depth class.


Learning with an accredited skateboard coach in a 60 minute class, every question about balance, foundation and co-ordination is explained in detail, leaving you with more knowledge about the Mind-Body-Board™ connection. With the expertise of your Skatewell Coach, learn how to skateboard mindfully, minimising falls and accidents while you increase your on-board confidence


Level one caters to those with no experience, those who are self taught looking for guidance and those who are comfortable at some basics but wanting to improve their foundations. 

Unlock Your Skateboarding Potential. Reserve Your Spot for Term 3 Now

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